Veterinary Rehabilitation Services

"My Little old dog: A heartbeat at my feet."

     -Edith Wharton

Movement Evaluation

Cavelletti rails are one of many tools used to increase range of motion with joints! We have stairs, balance balls, ramps and more exercise equipment to help with diagnosing and treating sprains, strains, and bad joints.


Water has many attributes that help with healing such as  buoyancy and resistance. We can also manipulate temperature. These properties can aid in healing.

Underwater Treadmill

Our state-of-the-art treadmill allows for increased gait stride and helps with building muscle strength. Neurologic patients and senior dogs with osteoarthritis do especially well.


Therapeutic ultrasound and LASER can be especially helpful to reduce inflammation. Also, we use special equipment for electrical stimulation for muscles.


Our land treadmill can help with stride and flexibility depending on speed. It can also help with muscle strengthening.


Wheelchairs and rehab devices

We carry Walkin Wheels wheelchairs. We can measure and fit your dog properly. Let us know if you have questions. We also carry other helpful devices to assist with walking.


Pain Management

...can come in many forms. We have the ability to address pain in various non-traditional ways such as physical therapy techniques, stretching, ultrasound, laser, acupuncture, and more.

Compassionate care

We want to make your pet's visit as comfortable as possible. The facility has mainly nonslip flooring and we will examine the animal in the position he/she is least stressed.



Needling is an ancient tradition that creates a stimulus in the muscle where nerves and vascular channels are located. This changes the environment at a cellular level to help with pain and healing.