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Evaluations are done by appointment only. We welcome you to stay, however, if it is more convenient to drop your pet off during the day, that is no problem.  The initial appointment lasts 60-90 minutes which includes treatment time. During this time we look over referral information, perform a physical and further exam to clarify the diagnosis. Thereafter, we create a treatment plan. After the first visit, often there are follow-up sessions that are booked for 30 minutes usually at a weekly interval.


  • Evaluation-Physical examination with special emphasis on gait/soft tissue

  •  Physical Therapy Techniques such as joint range of motion, muscle stretching, and joint mobilizations 

  • Therapeutic exercise aimed to strengthen muscle or increase flexibility

  • Ultrasound 

  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation

  • Acupuncture


  • Electroacupuncture

  • Fitness and Conditioning

  • Underwater Treadmill 


Balance Veterinary Rehabilitation Services

10100 Old Ridge Rd

Girard PA 16417



Hours of Operation:

Monday 10 am- 6 pm

Wednesday 10 am- 6 pm

Friday 10 am- 6 pm