The Power of Physical Medicine

This area of veterinary medicine encompasses the practice of physical therapy techniques in animals. The value of these techniques has been well established in human medicine and is rapidly developing with animals. Our goal is to restore, maintain, and promote optimal function, optimal fitness, wellness and quality of life as it pertains to movement disorders and health.

We want to help any animal with injury or deficiency of the musculoskeletal system. Our dogs engage in many of the same activities as we do and sometimes accidents and injuries happen. Often, traditional veterinary medicine doesn’t address soft tissue injury. We can help!

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We treat every animal that walks through our doors as though it was our own. CAN WE HELP?
If your pet is limping, painful, or not getting up and down easily, give us a call at (814) 774-7300. We can help determine if you may need to see your regular veterinarian first.

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